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LDP Camping Foods has been selling camping and backpacking foods since 1991

1 Year Ultimate Mountain House Can System

Unlike our competitors who use other brands with Mountain House in their systems, ours consist of only Mountain House #10 cans.

Each day's meals consist of: 1 cup of breakfast, 2.5 cups of entree, and 2 pilot biscuits.  The shelf life of this system is ~30 years.

Please check the calorie count on all of our competitor's systems.  Our one year system will give you an average of 1100 calories per day.  The other systems are woefully inadequate.  Can you live on one cup of food a day?  That's why you won't see their calorie count or how many cups of food you get each day.  Check both out.  A better deal can't be found.

Ultimate Can System, 1 year, 418#  This system consists of 24 cases of cans and will require almost 28 cubic feet of space to store.
# of cans Name of Product
6 CHICKEN STEW, 10 cup, MH30146
12 RICE & CHICKEN, 10 cup, MH30105
18 SPAGHETTI, 10 cup, MH30108
6 CHICKEN A LA KING, 11 cup, MH30111
12 BEEF STEW, 10 cup, MH30114
12 BEEF STROGANOFF, 10 cup, MH30119
6 CHICKEN TERIYAKI, 10 cup, MH30124
6 LASAGNA, 12.5 cup, MH30127
6 CHILI MAC, 10 cup, MH30128
6 ITALIAN PEPPER STEAK, 10.5 cup, MH30129
6 SWEET & SOUR PORK, 12.5 cup, MH30134
6 PRECOOKED OMELETTE W/HAM, 11.25 cup, MH30425
12 PRECOOKED EGGS W/BACON, 13 cup, MH30447
12 GRANOLA & BLUEBERRIES, 10 cup, MH30449
6 BREAKFAST SKILLET, 10 cup, MH30482
12 PILOT BISCUITS, 62 ea., MH30584

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