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LDP Camping Foods has been selling camping and backpacking foods since 1991

Backpacker's Pantry Dented Cans

Backpacker's Pantry #10 Dented Can Entrees:

Stock # Name of Product Wt. Price
BPD0307 Qty. 

DENTED RED BEANS & RICE, 27 cup, #10 can...  The all time favorite.  This meal is packed with carbs and vitamins.  A true Cajun feast!  Red Beans, Rice, Tomatoes, Onions, Chili, Starch, Garlic.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 5.40 $19.33
BPD0309 Qty. 

DENTED KATMANDU CURRY, 16 cup, #10 can...  This will remind you of being in the Himalayas eating Dahl Bhat.  Lentils, Rice, Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Starch, Onions, Garlic.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.65 $23.76
BPD0350 Qty. 

DENTED SPAGHETTI & SAUCE, 16 cup, #10 can...  Simple and tasty!  Few things are more reliable than spaghetti and sauce.  Noodles, TVP, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onions.  0 in stock.  Do not order.

3.70 $19.33
BPD0360 Qty. 

DENTED PASTA VEGETABLE PARMESAN, 15 cup, #10 can...  If you like primavera or pesto, you'll love this meal!  Noodles, Carrots, Peas, Celery, Onions, Cabbage, Red & Green Peppers, Starch, Parmesan, Butter, Cream, Garlic.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.70 $26.64
BPD0407 Qty. 

DENTED BEEF & BROCCOLI STIR-FRY, 14 cup, #10 can...  A flavorful mix of beef, broccoli, carrots and rice in a garlic soy sauce.  Long Grain Brown Rice, Sauce, Veg. Soup, Crushed Red Chili Peppers, Oyster Sauce Flavor, Beef, Broccoli, Organic E.V. Olive Oil, Carrots.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.80 $32.04
BPD0410 Qty. 

DENTED BEEF STROGANOFF W/MUSHROOMS, 16 cup, #10 can...  Beef, sour cream sauce, noodles and a wild forest mushroom mix, make this the all time outdoor favorite.  Sour Cream Sauce, Noodles, TVP, Beef, Mushrooms.  0 in stock.  Do not order.

3.70 $41.04
BPD0420 Qty. 

DENTED FETTUCCINI ALFREDO W/CHICKEN, 13 cup, #10 can...  An Italian style cream & Parmesan cheese sauce over pasta with chicken.  Pasta, Sauce, Butter Sauce, Parmesan, Chicken, Bell Pepper.  0 in stock.  Do not order.

3.70 $37.44
BPD0428 Qty. 

DENTED CHICKEN W/POTATOES, 16 cup, #10 can...  Chicken and potatoes with gravy.  Potatoes, Sauce, Textured Soy Protein, Chicken, Celery, Corn, Milk.  0 in stock.  Do not order.

3.80 $30.96
BPD0432 Qty. 

DENTED SANTA FE CHICKEN, 18 cup, #10 can...  A delicious New Mexican green chili with chicken and cheese.  Black Beans, Rice, Chicken, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheddar, Corn, Chili, Starch, Garlic, Cumin, Soy Sauce.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 4.15 $33.33
BPD0438 Qty. 

DENTED JAMAICAN STYLE JERK RICE W/CHICKEN, 17 cup, #10 can...  Brown rice, black beans, chicken and vegetables over rice with our special Jamaican BBQ sauce.  Rice, Black Beans, Chicken, Tomatoes, Onions, Starch, Soy Sauce, Garlic.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 4.05 $32.66
BPD0439 Qty. 

DENTED CAJUN CHICKEN & RICE, 17 cup, #10 can...  A spicy taste of the Bayou.  Rice, Chicken, Milk, Starch, Tomatoes, Onions, Red & Green Peppers.  0 in stock.  Do not order.

3.85 $30.00
BPD0485 Qty. 

DENTED POTATOES & GRAVY W/BEEF, 23 cup, #10 can...  Super simple.  Mashed potatoes & gravy with beef.  Potatoes, Flour, Beef Stock, Soy Sauce, Chicken Stock, Starch, Milk, Beef.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.80 $26.66
Vegetarian Entree.

Backpacker's Pantry #10 Can Vegetables:

Stock # Name of Product Wt. Price
BPD0519 Qty. 

DENTED GARLIC HERB POTATOES, 18 cup, #10 can...  Delicious garlic mashed potatoes ready in minutes.  Potatoes, Milk, Garlic, Bell Peppers, Parsley, Butter.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.60 $19.59
BPD0522 Qty. 

DENTED BACON & CHEDDAR MASHED POTATOES, 15 cup, #10 can...  This traditional American fair is the perfect side dish in the backcountry.  Potatoes, Cheese Sauce, Baco Bits, Cheddar.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.80 $20.66
BPD0527 Qty. 

DENTED INSTANT WHITE RICE, 19 cup, #10 can...  White Rice.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 3.90 $13.33
BPD0528 Qty. 

*******New for 2017*******

White Organic Instant Quinoa.  0 in stock.  Do not order.
3.90 $50.00

Backpacker's Pantry #10 Can Breakfasts:

Stock # Name of Product Wt. Price
BPD0017 Qty. 

DENTED GRANOLA W/MILK & BANANAS, 16 cup, #10 can...  Granola with a hint of vanilla mixed with milk and topped with bananas.  Just add cold water or boiling water for those chilly mornings.  Oats, Raisins, Sugar, Wheat, Rice, Almonds, Starch, Milk, Bananas.  0 in stock.  Do not order. 4.10 $22.00

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